In the past 5 years alone, NSD alumni have won or been in finals of the Tournament of Champions (2015,2014,2013,2012), the National Catholic Forensics League National Tournament (2016, 2014, 2013), and the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament (2016, 2013,2012). 

Now, we're applying our expertise to developing the most innovative Middle School Debate Camp in the country. 

A lot is at stake in choosing a middle school debate camp. It lays the foundation, either to success and exponential growth or to failure and intellectual stagnation. A poor foundation in debate risks undermining the students’ ability to advance their own learning and, with time, becomes exceedingly difficult for the student to correct. 

And for that reason, NSD Middle School curriculum was carefully crafted to not only help students gain a strong, nuanced understanding of key philosophical concepts but also the skills needed to independently advance their own rigorous learning beyond camp. Our curriculum is founded in the recognition that an excellent middle school debate camp is one that builds strong foundations for high school and beyond. Our curriculum is unique in the philosophical depth, strategic focus, and purposeful vertical alignment with the skills & knowledge needed to then go on to excel in high school debate and at NSD’s rigorous high school summer debate institutes. 

The NSD Middle School curriculum is designed by two camp directors—Kris Wright and Tom Evnen — with a proven history of excellence. Both Kris and Tom each have seven years of directing and/or developing curriculum for some of the nation’s top high school debate camps. And for over a decade, Kris and Tom have also been nationally successful debate coaches. As a coach in Texas, Kris Wright’s students have won TFA State in LD and Policy debate, and his students have reached elimination rounds of NSDA Nationals and the Tournament of Champions in both events (including a semifinalist). While coaching at the Hockaday School in Dallas, Tom Evnen coached three students, in consecutive years, to finals at the NSDA High School National Tournament, winning twice. He also coached Hockaday’s middle school debate team, which was one of the best in the country during that time. 

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