— Student Security — 

NSD is running a separate middle school camp precisely because we are committed to student safety, and believe that we better ensure a safety and fun learning environment for our middle school campers when they’re learning and socializing around kids their own age, rather than tossing them into a camp designed for older students, who usually have more emotional and intellectual maturity. 

NSD’s commitment to student safety is such a driving force that it permeates our camp design: 

Check-Ins: There are formal check-ins throughout the day, starting in the morning before activities begin and ending with room check shortly before lights-out. The day is structured so that students are in groups with ongoing staff supervision. Even during “office hours” when students can choose what to work on and the staff member to help them, students will be in large public spaces with multiple staff supervising. 

Night Supervision: NSD Middle School Institute’s director, senior instructors and dorm staff will patrol the halls and remain on call throughout the night to ensure that students do not leave their rooms after room check and to be available in case of student emergency. 

Medication: Except for medication that parents say needs to remain on the student’s person, prescriptions and other medication will be stored in a secure location and handed out by a designated staff member at the appropriate times. 

Campus Security: In addition to NSD Middle School Institute staff, the University of Texas at San Antonio also has campus security and San Antonio policeStudents will know how to identify campus security guards and how to contact them in the case of an emergency. 

Traveling in Groups: When walking to and from campus buildings, students will always travel in groups and supervised by NSD staff. 

Staff & Student Culture: In our experience directing camps, we’ve found that the camp’s culture —for both staff and students—is one of the most important components for keeping campers safe, respected, and having a great, educationally enriching time at camp. At a professional level, we purposefully cultivate a staff culture in which instructors seeing themselves as responsible for the welfare of every student at camp, and also that each staff member is responsible for holding each other accountable. As one component of that process, all NSD staff members are required to complete state accredited training in laws pertaining to their responsibilities as educators in charge of minors. NSD Middle School Institute Director, Kris Wright, strongly believes in cultivating a culture of open dialogue and accountability for staff and student alike—encouraging campers to feel empowered and giving them specific instructions for who they can come to if they have any concerns about their safety or health, or the safety and health of others at camp. 


The NSD Middle School Institute is located at the University of San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. Easily accessible from the San Antonio International Airport, the University of San Antonio provides a collegiate and communal atmosphere that helps foster a community and work environment so as to create a positive experience for NSD Middle School students. You can find additional information about traveling to the University of San Antonio by plane, train, or bus by clicking here 

Students will be staying in Alvarez Hall, located right in the heart of campus. The dorm rooms are air-conditioned. Students should bring linens for an extra long twin bed. There is a front desk attendant on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NSD provides students with Lunch and Dinner services in the Roadrunner Cafe, "Real Food on Campus" university dining. Students will be able to get snack and sundries throughout the day in the dorm at the many active campus markets, located in the dorms, libraries and classroom buildings. Breakfast food is not provided by NSD. Students and staff should bring granola bars, pop tarts, cereal, fruit and other ready-to-eat breakfast food to campus with them. Additional food can be purchased at the campus mini mart stores as needed. 

General security is provided by the University of Texas, San Antonio Police Department as well as the 24-hour dorm staff in Alvarez Hall that are always available to NSD and its students.

Computer access and internet are available. We strongly encourage students to bring their own laptops. UTSA computers are also available for use in the computer clusters in the dorm and throughout the library. Printing costs $.15 a page and is at staff and student expense. The campus is wireless, but bring an Ethernet cable and USB flash drive for use as needed. Students may not add to or tamper with computer systems on campus. 

For the two-week session, there will be a Free Day midway through camp. There are no classes on that day. Staff will provide students with the options of attending supervised outings to museums, movies, or local San Antonio attractions. Students can also choose to stay close to campus and take part in activities on campus organized by NSD Middle School Institute staff.