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Ben Kessler, Director of NSD Public Forum

Ben Kessler debated for Stuyvesant High School and earned 15 bids to the Tournament of Champions, where he semifinaled. Ben also championed the Blake Tournament, the George Mason Invitational, the Columbia Invitational, and the NCFL Grandnational Championship. Since graduating, Ben has coached teams from Hunter High School in New York. In 3 years, his teams have cumulatively amassed 27 bids to the Tournament of Champions, where 2 of his teams have advanced to the octafinal round. His teams have also championed the New York City Invitational, Columbia Invitational, Princeton Invitational, and Villiger Invitational, been invited to the Harvard Round Robin 5 times, and been ranked in the top 10 in the country every year he’s coached.



Malcolm Davis

Malcolm Davis competed for Newton South High School, where he championed the Bronx Round Robin, reached finals at the Harvard Round Robin, reached semifinals at the Yale Invitational, and reached quarterfinals of the Tournament of Champions. Malcolm now coaches for Strath Haven High School in Pennsylvania, where his students have championed the Bronx Round Robin, the Villiger invitational, and the Lexington Invitational.



Ozan Ergungor

Debating for Hawken High School, Ozan Ergungor won the Apple Valley Tournament, the Sunvitational, and the Barkley Forum. He was also a finalist at Blake Tournament and Stanford Invitational and a semifinalist at the Tournament of Champions. He ended his senior year ranked 1st in the country on Vbriefly. Now, Ozan coaches for Edgemont High School in New York.



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Ella Feiner

Ella Feiner is a senior at Horace Mann, where she serves as co-president of the debate team. She has reached elimination rounds at Yale, Blake, Lexington, Columbia, Harvard, notably semifinaling at the Blake Invitational her junior year. She has also won multiple speaker awards, including top speaker at Yale. Ella is currently ranked 36th in country on VBriefly and will be attending Princeton University in the fall.


Anson Fung

Anson Fung is a senior at Rice University.  He has served as the assistant PF coach for Strake Jesuit College Preparatory for 3 years.  This past year, his PF teams have accrued 10 bids to the TOC at major national tournaments such as Myers Park, Sunvite, and Barkley Forum.  Notably, his team of Pierce Hollier and Daniel Wang won the Glenbrooks tournament.  Anson debated in public forum for one year in high school and won the University of Texas tournament and placed third at TFA state.


Clara Kraebber

Clara Kraebber debated for Hunter College High School where she was the president of the debate team. As a competitor, she was the champion of Villiger and Lakeland, a finalist of Scarsdale, and a semifinalist at Harvard and Princeton. She also competed in the Bronx Science and Harvard Round Robins and qualified to TOC in her junior and senior years, being ranked as high as the top 15 nationally both years. Clara has previous experience coaching debate as a novice director for Hunter and a coach in the NYCUDL. She is excited to coach at NSD this summer!