Students are grouped into labs based on experience level, and these groups form the backbone of the NSD experience. Small lab pairings, led by experienced instructors, ensure individualized attention and encourage a sense of camaraderie.


Our lectures, each taught by two faculty members, break down different essential skills into hour-long seminars. Each lecture is tailored to be accessible at different experience levels and helps students develop and distill techniques that will stick with them long after they’ve left camp.


Workshops allow students to hone the skills they have learned through lectures. In small groups, our staff will lead students in drills designed to reinforce instruction and refine abilities.


Each student at NSD will be assigned a mentor to meet with every other day. In these mentorship meetings, students can personalize sessions to have instructors review anything from cases to crossfire.

Practice Rounds

At NSD, every student is guaranteed to compete against fellow campers in at least 12 practice debates. After each debate, instructors will provide extensive feedback on what students can do to improve. Some of these practice rounds will occur in the annual NSD Camp Tournament, which occurs at the end of camp and provides a final opportunity for students to showcase the skills they have learned.