“Chris Castillo is a coach of the highest quality. Whether it was coming up with well thought out arguments against newly broken cases, or just generally being a motivator/ work horse, Chris Castillo is - in my opinion - the best coach on the circuit.
— Sean McCormick, TOC Octafinalist (2016)


  • Head LD Coach at Strake Jesuit for 9 years
  • Coached debaters to Finals at every Texas TOC bid tournament
  • 16 years as a Coach, Judge, Tournament Director, and Institute Director
  • Winner of the Bronx Achievement Award

Chris has been the Head LD Coach at Strake Jesuit in Houston, TX for 9 years. He has coached champions at Grapevine, UT Austin, Greenhill, Victory Briefs (now Harvard-Westlake), Bronx Science, and Berkeley. His students have competed in late outrounds at nearly every major tournament including the Glenbrooks, Bronx Science, Apple Valley, Harvard, Greenhill, and TOC. He has coached students to finals at every TOC bid tournament in Texas along with at least semifinalists at 8 different TOC Octafinal bids.

Chris has worked for 16 years as a coach, judge, tournament director, and institute director. For 11 of those summers he has worked as a teacher at summer institutes. A staple of the community and a common sight at nearly every one of the major tournaments, Chris was awarded the Bronx Achievement Award for his contributions to the debate community, and this year alone has coached the champions of St. Mark's in Dallas, TX, and the UT Austin Tournament.