Analytic Philosophy Brief


Analytic Philosophy Brief


NSD's Analytic Philosophy Brief contains these three essays: 

“Hijacking “Practice Rules” to Kantian Ethics” by JP Stuckert

“Why Just One Ethic: A Defense of Universal Obligations Despite the Dynamic Subject” by Nolan Burdett

“Shewing the Fly Out of the Bottle: A Philosophical Investigation into the Language-Game of Race” by Kris Wright

Each article will walk you through an argument, explain the function of the argument in the larger narrative or syllogism, and give a defense of the argument against possible objections. To best maximize the potential of the positions advanced in this brief, you should keep in mind that the purpose of the brief is to provide you with an introductory understanding of certain theories and their possible applications in debate. We highly recommend for our readers to experiment with constructing their own versions of the positions and to use our brief as an assistant in understanding the original sources.

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Featured in this Brief

Hijacking “Practice Rules” to Kantian Ethics” by JP Stuckert

“Terry Nardin’s article “International Ethics and International Law” has been used extensively by debaters to simultaneously warrant an international law framework and a strict truth-testing paradigm. This article addresses a potential way to hijack Nardin’s argument into a Kantian framework, while disarming the truth-testing application of the position. After a review of the basic principles of this practice theory as they were originally laid out by Rawls and utilized by Nardin, this article explains how Tamar Schapiro has used the concept of actions situated in practices to explain how the Kantian account of action is superior to other mainstream views of action.”

“Why Just One Ethic: A Defense of Universal Obligations Despite the Dynamic Subject” by Nolan Burdett

“Defending any abstract theory of ethics or virtue has become an increasingly difficult task for debaters. In a meta where epistemology, ontology, and Winter and Leighton arguments dominate philosophical discussions, it might seem like trying to justify a universal theory simply isn’t worth it. This article will defend that things like fluidity or subject construction do not have to be mutually exclusive with the existence of universal obligations or virtues.”

Shewing the Fly Out of the Bottle: A Philosophical Investigation into the Language-Game of Race” by Kris Wright

“While analytic philosophy provides valuable insights, it is not without its problems. One of the most significant of which is its avoidance of issues of difference—notably race, gender, and sexuality. Given the current trend in debate for these positions, what, if anything, might we still learn from and do with analytic philosophy? This article is an attempt to show how the insights of an analytic philosopher—Ludwig Wittgenstein—might fruitfully be applied to issues of race and racial injustices.”

Authors of this Brief

JP Stuckert

University of Notre Dame' 18

JP is a Liberal Studies and Economics major at the University of Notre Dame where he has been a leader in the philosophy club and in a local middle school Great Books program. JP debated as President of the debate team at Strake Jesuit. He has worked as a private coach for a small group of students since graduation, with his two main debaters receiving a total of 8 bids to TOC. Since graduation he has led 8 labs at NSD’s Flagship Session, TDC, and Strake Jesuit’s middle school camp. Outside of debate JP enjoys swimming and reading classic works of fiction and intellectual history. His debate interests Aristotelian philosophy, competing accounts of practical reason, and criticisms of contemporary social science research.


Kris Wright

UT Austin, BA// UT Austin, MA, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Kris was a 2010 Teach for America corps member, and has coached Lincoln-Douglas debate for over thirteen years. He has coached for Marcus, Westlake, Southlake, University School, and, most recently, the Law Magnet, where he also coached policy debate. His students have reached finals of TOC-qualifying tournaments eighteen times, and to elimination rounds of the TOC. His policy teams qualified to NSDA Nationals seven times, and elimination rounds of TFA State, including the 2016 TFA State Champions. He has extensive experience as a curriculum director and/or instructor at many summer debate camps, including as a co-founder of the Texas Debate Collective (TDC). This will be his second year at NSD.  

Nolan Burdett

UT Austin'20

Nolan Burdett debated at Dulles High School for four years. Qualifying to the TOC twice, he accrued 8 career bids, getting to deep out rounds at many bid tournaments and winning many speaker awards, including top speaker at TFA state his junior year. He cleared at every tournament he attended the last two years of his career. Nolan is now a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin studying economics. His debate interests include critical high theory, analytic philosophy, innovative framing arguments, and the power of ethos. Outside of debate, Nolan enjoys playing ice hockey, spending time with friends, and getting involved in his campus community.