The NSD Flagship Institute is located at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Easily accessible from the Minneapolis,- St. Paul Airport (MSP), the University of Minnesota provides a collegiate and communal atmosphere that helps foster a community and work environment so as to create a positive experience for NSD students. The West Bank Campus, where NSD is held, is surrounded by a vibrant and safe community with many restaurants and attractions within walking distance of the campus.

Students will be staying in Middlebrook Hall, located in the heart of the West Bank Campus.The dorm rooms are air-conditioned. The extra-long twin beds are made with sheets, a pillow, pillowcase and blanket by University staff prior to check-in. A towel, a set of sheets and a pillowcase, a pillow, and a blanket are provided for each student. There is a front desk attendant on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Report maintenance or housekeeping needs to the front desk. Students and staff can exchange linens at any time at the front desk.

NSD provides students with Lunch and Dinner services. Lunch is provided in the Coffman Union, a short walk from the dorm, which has several popular restaurants (Chik-fil-A, Einstein’s, Panda Express) as well as a host of university provided food options served cafeteria style. Dinner is held at the Middlebrook Dining Hall, in our dorm, which provides made-to-order and other hot food options. Students are able to get snacks and sundries throughout the day in the Blegan Hall Market, which is in the same building where the majority of instruction occurs.

Breakfast food is not provided by NSD. Students and staff should bring granola bars, pop tarts, cereal, fruit or other ready-to-eat breakfast food to campus with them. Additional food can be purchased at the campus mini mart stores as needed. Sinks and microwaves are available on each floor, but no toasters or hotplates are allowed.

Students should bring spending money. Generally, students will eat meals using their University meal plan. However, the meal plan does not cover free day, when an overwhelming number of students prefer to eat at a restaurant. In addition, there are some meals that students eat with their lab or mentor groups. These meals function as group bonding time, and groups often opt to dine out for these meals. Accordingly, students will need the ability to dine out for some meals. Beyond that, some students opt to dine out (or order in) more frequently than others. The amount of money a student should bring will depend greatly on their needs and preferences, but somewhere between $150 and $400 should be plenty for the typical student.

Student Supervision is provided by NSD Executive Directors, Administrative Staff and faculty. Students are expected to attend all activities unless they are feeling unwell, in which case they should contact our Camp Administrators. Attendance is monitored by staff. There is roll call in the morning and room checks at midnight.

General security is provided by the University of Minnesota Police Department as well as the 24-hour dorm staff in Middlebrook Hall that are always available to NSD and it’s students.

Computer access and library use are available. We strongly encourage students to bring their own laptops. University of Minnesota computers are also available for use in the computer labs and the Cyber Café in the dorm and throughout the library. Printing costs $.05 a page and is at student and staff expense. The campus is wireless, but bring an Ethernet cable and USB flash drive for use as needed. Students may not add to or tamper with the computer systems on campus.

There will be Free Days on Saturdays. There are no classes until after dinner. Students can walk to restaurants and stores near campus, go bowling or play pool at the Coffman Memorial Student Union, play pool, or play other games of choice. Students who leave campus sign out with a friend or friends, noting their destinations. On campus meal arrangements are the same as on other days of NSD.