NSD: A Parent's Perspective by Dave McGinnis

See Why Father, Debate Coach, and NSD Staff Member Dave McGinnis sends his son, Conal to NSD

how do they work

How Do High School Debate Tournaments Work? 

What is a round? Schedule? Do Tournaments Run Late?

Dear NSD: A Parent's Guide to High School Debate- Part 1

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What NSD Means to Lauren

Lauren Singer (Scarsdale HS '17, Yale University '21) attended NSD 3 times and will be teaching there this summer. See what NSD means to her. 

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Debate Book of the Month:

 Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do
by Michael Sandel

Kris Wright parent

 Staff Showcase: Kris Wright

Read about NSD Instructor Kris Wright, who in 13 years has been a classroom history teacher, debate coach, and founder of the only Non-Profit Lincoln-Douglas Debate Camp