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Becca Traber is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She constantly looks for new ways to help you grow as a debater and as a person. She is committed and puts great care and thought into every aspect of her teaching, and the results speak for themselves.
— Michael Harris, 2013 TOC Top Speaker


  • Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Yale University

  • Taught 10 total Top Labs the past 8 years

Becca is a coach for Lake Highland Prep as well for several independent students. As a debater for the Kinkaid School, she earned eleven career TOC bids, won Berkeley and was a finalist at TFA state tournament and the TOC. As a coach, she has coached 20 students to the TOC and 4 students to TOC outrounds. At invitational tournaments, her students have accumulated over 50 TOC bids and have reached semifinals or finals at Apple Valley, Bronx Science, Emory, Glenbrooks, Harvard, Valley, Lexington, Sunvitational, Yale, Blue Key, Scarsdale, Crestian, Blake, and Berkeley. Her students have also excelled at local and regional competitions, winning two Florida State Championships and qualifying every year to both CFL Nationals and NSDA Nationals. She has taught a total of 10 top labs at TDC, NDF, and NSD.  

She has served as a board member and Director of Faculty Development at the Texas Debate Collective, a nonprofit debate institute committed to rectifying inequities in access to debate. Outside of debate, Becca is a PhD candidate at Yale University in political science, specializing in political theory. Her research is at the intersection of deliberative democracy, the study of social movements, and the philosophy of race and gender. Her expertise allows her to create innovative debate arguments from continental philosophy, analytic moral theory, and critiques of domination. She earned her undergraduate degree at Reed College in political science, writing a thesis on radical democracy and AIDS activism.